College code : 01016
Affiliated University : Prof.Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhaiya)
university Prayagraj(Allahabad State University)

About College

Shiv Shyam Mahavidyalaya Post Graduate College in Shahbajpur, affiliated to Prof. Rajindra Singh (Raju Bhaiya) University Tehsil Handia Prayagraj District. A premier higher educational institution of Allahabad, has high academic standing and reputation of excellence in research and teaching. Founded in the year 2010, by Sri. Shyam Pandey, the College serves the academic needs of scheduled cast populated backward area of Shahbajpur tehsil Handia Allahbad District. A gateway to academic excellence, this post graduate (co-ed) College is famous for providing cutting edges and co academic skills through its commitment to innovative and student friendly initiatives. The College has created an inimitable academic space for itself within of its monumental existence providing education with vision and creativity, the College lays great stress on personalize attention to prepare the students for professional avenues it is also affiliated with UPRTOU PRAYAGRAJ.

All the institutions are catering the needs of Society. The mission vision etc, are made know to stack holder through prospectus. All the curricular and co-curricular programs of the College are geared to achieve our vision and send out our Teachers with a sense of mission.

College believes in nurturing its students and providing opportunities to the less privilege. We encourage the spirit of service & participation. We believe that together we can work towards a change in society emphasizing the role that students can play. We believe in working towards a just and equitable society.

Chairman Message:


I am very glade to announce that the Shiv Shyam degree College website has been updated with a view to providing comprehensive information about the ongoing activates in the College. Our site has all the information about the College, and for the first time profiles of teachers has been uploaded.

Over the years the College has branched out as a reservoir of ideas, which have been harnessed for the development of society and the word. At Shiv Shyam Degree College. We strive not only for academic excellence but also for nation building. Upholding the vision of the founders of the College, we do not merely impart knowledge but also stress on character building. Here we imbibe the spirit of acquiring information and working up to commitment of social changes. We also take utmost care to uphold the glories trading in all curricular activates. The management is collaborating with teaching faculty and non-teaching staff for the well being of our students and for doing these, the College receives appreciation from all quarters.

  • College Name - Shiv Shyam P.G College
  • College code - 01016
  • Affiliated - Prof. Rajendran Singh (Raju Bhaiya) University Prayagraj (formerly - Allahabad State University)
  • University Name – formerly Allahabad state University
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